Monday, January 26, 2015

Changes everything


We'll never think of Snow White the same way again! The word "Brazzers" is not to be confused with the adult entertainment production company. . . instead it represents when "imaginations" turn an innocent situation into something "adult rated".

.2 Cinderella's Mice Posse:

We don't recall mice Jaq and Gus doing this before? Whatever Jaq's doing, he better hurry-up before Fairy Godmother gets there.

.3 A Typical Day: Russia's Political Elites:

Putin’s campaign manager and Chairman of the State Duma committee on culture, Stanislav Govorukhin puts his hand on committee member, Maria Maksakova's backside. We're just assuming they're much more "touchy feely" over there...

4. British Royals. . . What? Why?

Oh no, we have to wonder why Kate is kneeling down? Poor royals, they never get a break!